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It’s another 26 Fridays post.  If you’re unfamiliar, a group of photographers are posting every other Friday on a theme.  This week’s theme is shadows.  Again this was a tough theme for me and now that it’s Thursday evening my mind is racing with ideas for more images with shadows.  I had planned something different for this theme but felt very drawn to this image.  It represents my girl so much to me right now.  She dresses herself most days so the patterns are always mixed, she loves (and I mean LOVES) flip flops, and has just enough hair for a tiny ponytail (I love that the shadow highlights this).  This is all her and I adore it all and her.  She definitely has my heart.

Please check out the other photographers in my group starting with Ginger Haddock of Fernbird Photography.  Her post is here.

L~ F~:
  • Sara Kelly

    I love the scale of the image, and you’re right: the ponytail shadow is awesome! My eyes keep flicking back to the hearts, too, which make a fun element. The image just has “childhood” written all over it.

  • pamela joye

    oh my gosh – that cindy loo pontytail shadow…your little one is something else. very ‘little miss’ – i also want to say that as i explored the image, i locked on the shadows of the valentines cards on the door. not only does it date this photo well, those shadows on the door are incredible.

  • Linda

    SO so cute! This reminds of my youngest at this age! Always had to dress herself and do her own hair! I love the silhouette in every way from her pony tale to her button nose, to her flip flop!! She is a girl on a mission:)

  • So precious! That ponytail shadow is just adorable!

  • I really liked the Valentine shadows too Pamela.

  • Lili Love

    the sweetness of her and her shadow melts my heart. and i love the way she is walking with such purpose!
    the ponytail says it all!!

  • Sweet! Love her little pony tail and the yummy shadow of her on the house. I love that you included all that you did to complete the story. Nice shot!

  • I love lifestyle work and I LOVE this!!!! I love her little ponytail in the shadow. Adorable!!

  • Myra Lucina

    LOVE IT! The pigtails are so cute. Did she notice her shadow?

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