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I had so much fun shooting this month for my 10 0n 10 post.  Every month on the 10th of the month, I’ll share a day from the previous month and then to link to another photographer who will share her day and she’ll link to another photographer.  The idea is to take a picture approximately every hour for 10 hours to show what that day was like.  Take a look at last month’s post here to learn more about my 10 on 10 project and my goal of photographing our everyday.

For this month’s post, I decided to capture a fun visit to Houston which is intertwined often in our everyday.  We visited my husband’s parents over Labor Day weekend and visited with one of our good friends and took a trip to the zoo.

8am | Before the zoo my boy hung out with his grandmother (ie. MawMaw).  MawMaw always gets up with him and lets my hubby and I sleep in. Aren’t we lucky!

My boy loves the zoo and so did his friend L.  L and my boy get along so well.  All day we heard big belly laughs as they explored the zoo, played/pretended together, and spent time together.  We lived in Houston when my boy and L were born (a year apart).  We really miss the F family but love spending time together when we can.

9am | Our exploration of the zoo begins.

9:30 am | first stop…the aquarium

10am | the boys loved watching the elephants get a bath and eat breakfast

11am | snack break: popcorn for the boys and a soft pretzel for the girl

11:30am | my girl’s first carousel ride

12:30 pm | my view in the car

1:30 pm | after lunch and resting at L’s house.  notice how L is snuggling with my baby.  awww

3pm | practicing walking

4pm | the boy and I spent a little time outside at MawMaw and Pop’s house blowing bubbles

a few things about this image: The boy loves his “Tonka” shirts and the majority have holes he wears them so much.  The green bracelet is a constant now.  We got it on vacation this summer in July.  It goes everywhere with him and has broken at least twice.  The stamps on his arms are from the zoo.  He loves stamps of any kind.  All of these little things really make this image for me because it shows who he is at 4 1/2.

5pm | the girl has dinner

6pm | the boy has dessert.  a perk of being at his grandparents’ house

Now head over to Nancy’s blog and see the day she captured.  Be sure to follow the links around to see everyone’s posts.

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  • Vicky

    Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a wonderful day. I love the “girl has dinner” picture! That reflection (in the table I guess) is amazing!!!

  • Callie these are all wonderful!! That one with the popcorn is so cute and I love the one at the aquarium ~ Perfect!! The image of your son with the bubbles is adorable ~ what a special memory 🙂
    Thank you again for all the work you do in setting this up!

  • What a wonderful day you all had! I’m IN LOVE with the zoo shots…especially the elephant image. It is PRICELESS! Can’t believe baby girl is already walking. Time just flies by…another great reason for the 10 on 10…capturing the little moments!

  • These are beautiful Callie. Your 4.5 year old sounds like mine who is very determined in his choice of clothes and what he likes to wear. The dinner image had me gazing for ages trying to work out the reflection 😀 and your little girl looks such a dot to be walking! What wonderful captures.

  • Kathy

    What a great day! Seems like a lot of fun.

  • WOW! Your photos are amazing. I LOVE the fish one! & the one with the reflection from the counter is so neat! All gorgeous!!

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