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Last year  I was searching for a family photographer who would capture my family as we are.  I found Bonnie Berry.  She is an amazing photographer.  She captured my family last September and I absolutely loved the images from our session.  I forgot to blog about the session during the fall rush.  I had the privilege of photographing Bonnie’s family this past weekend.  I was a tad nervous because I admire her work so much.  She stated she wanted me to capture them how they are without any pretense.  This was a fun session for me.  I limited the direction I gave and tried to let things unfold as they did.  Thanks so much Bonnie for this opportunity.

L~ F~:
  • I LOVE these. I kept thinking you were probably having trouble getting anything good because we were so tired and it was hot and extra crazy with the dogs AND the kids. And all the while you were quietly capturing it all and making great portraits you sly dog : )

  • Callie these are so wonderful! I love that you captured the spirit of the family – I can see the love and fun they have together through these photographs. Beautiful work!

  • I do so love these images…you did such a fantastic job of capturing their connection to each other and I love how they were down to do some water shots!

  • bonnie, your family is beautiful 🙂

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