my boy | Austin Child Photographer

My boy sitting down to dinner yesterday.  He was a little under the weather but was still himself all day long.  A day filled with baseball movies and begging to go outside to play catch.  A day filled with telling him he could not have cheese or milk (he had a  little stomach trouble).  A day filled with a sweet boy wanting to cuddle.  I love this kid.  He asks a million questions a day and is ever curious.  He never meets a stranger.  He loves everyone.  He has more energy than anyone else I know and he’s all mine for now.  He’s growing up too quickly and I know one day I’ll look back at these days and wish I could go back just once to spend the day with him.  I love you my boy!

L~ F~:
  • Vanessa

    I love your boy too, Callie! He reminds me a lot of my boy 🙂

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