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It’s time for my 26 Friday post again!  It seems like this year is flying by.  26 Fridays is a group of photographers who are posting images based on a theme every other week this year.  We link to each other so be sure to check them out.  This week’s theme is look up, look down.  When I first thought about this theme I thought no problem…I’ve got this.  But when I tried to capture my kids in this way it was difficult.  My son is in this phase where he makes funny faces for the camera and he’s very aware of it.  My daughter is perpetually in motion so also hard to capture.  Then my camera started acting a bit wonky so I had to do this quickly.  (My camera is in the shop right now.)  So here it is.  My girl playing with one of her dolls (the doll is always undressed).  She loves to put the baby to sleep on my son’s old nap mat.  It always makes me smile when I see this.  I love how much she loves on the doll and know she gets that from all the people in her life that love her.

I included the next two because I think they’re cute.  I love her concentration in these.  

Please continue on to see the other photographer’s in this group.  First is Lili Love in the United Kingdom.  Here post is here.

L~ F~:
  • Sara Kelly

    I’m sorry your camera is giving you grief, but she’s lovely. The different perspective is fun, makes you realize both how little and how already grown up she is.

  • pamela joye

    interesting to have both up/down in one frame. and that tongue out of the mouth is priceless. but little girl with little doll – such a sweet time of simplicity.

  • Carrie

    So precious!I love how you’ve captured looking up, looking down!

  • Ginger

    I love little ones playing with their babies. such treasures. These are so sweet and remind me of many I took of my own at that age. precious!

  • Linda

    So sweet. We learn so much from little ones. I love the thought of you tenderly looking down as she is tenderly looking down with nurturing eyes!

  • lili Love

    oh she is working so hard to care for her baby! so so sweet!

  • Myra Lucina

    Interesting take on the up and down in each image… love how your crisp and clean edits do not detract from the images. Also liking how the blue wall ties into the blue from the blanket. Beautiful and precious.

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