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It’s another 10 on 10 post.  If you’re not familiar with my 10 on 10 post you can learn more here.  This month I decided to capture our annual pilgrimage to Waco, TX for Baylor University’s Homecoming festivities.  The hubby and I are both Baylor grads…he with his undergraduate degree and me with my graduate degrees.   We only live an hour away and usually go up every year.  We meet friends every year for the parade and have lunch afterward before heading home.  One year we hope to actually stay for the game.  Did you know Baylor’s Homecoming parade is the longest parade?  It’s like a record or something.  My husband was parade chair one year meaning he had to organize the whole event when we was in school there.  So he has much more information about the parade than I ever would.  He likes to tell me these little tidbits.

7am…breakfast tacos to go from Rudy’s.  My boy loves breakfast tacos. My husband took him almost every Saturday morning for breakfast tacos while I was pregnant with my girl and they dubbed their time “boys’ breakfast.”  He now calls Rudy’s “boys’ breakfast” even if we all eat there or if we eat bar-b-q there too.

8am…it’s only an hour drive so we make it in plenty of time even though the parade starts super early.

9am…our friend Amy with the program for the parade.   We were about halfway through here.  I think this is the only parade I’ve been to that has a program.

10am…Waco is the home of Dr. Pepper.  No Coke is served on Baylor’s campus, so after the parade we all head to the Barfield Drawing Room for Dr. Pepper Hour and enjoy a Dr. Pepper float.

11am…playing in the Barfield Drawing Room

noon…after Dr. Pepper Hour we head outside to visit Baylor’s live mascots, the Bears.  They have their own habitat on campus.  Here the boys are sitting outside the habitat, waiting for their parents, and enjoying their candy from the parade.

1pm…the Baylor swings and visiting the parade floats.  The swings are a popular spot for pics during Homecoming and close to the street where the parade floats are parked.  The kids (and adults) love checking the floats out.

2pm…heading home.  My boy was playing around with his new bear claw in the parking garage. I really loved the light here.

3:30 pm…back home my girl enjoys her first wagon ride.

5pm…the boy is mesmerized by the Target toy catalog

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  • What a fun day! No coke?? I still get mesmerized by the toy catalogs. They have such great stuff for kids.

  • What a fun day! No coke? Hmmm. Either way, I still get mesmerized by the toy catalogs.

  • What a great day. I love the big window shot with your little girl in it.

  • Beautiful images of a fun day Callie! I love the idea of a Dr. Pepper float…sounds delish! (as do the breakfast tacos :))….gotta love the school pride you both must have!

  • Callie these are so cute! I don’t think I have ever been to a parade that had a program either!! Looks like you had a great day. Love how you captured it!!

  • Callie these are so cute! I don’t think I have ever been to a parade that had a program either. Looks like you had a great day. You captured it perfectly!!

  • Gorgeous images! 🙂

  • seriously looks like the best day ever! love it!

  • what an awesome, awesome tradition you have captured here!!! How fun!!! My favorite image however, is the last one. : )

  • What a great experience for your kids. Love all your captures! We love parades! We go to as many as we can in the fall!

  • Rachel C.

    Great storytelling, Callie. And beautiful, clean, consistent work as always.

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