blurry | 26 Fridays

It’s time for my 26 Friday post.  Every other week a group of photographers and I post images based on a theme.  This week’s theme is blurry/out of focus.  I had a hard time with this one.  I’m so accustomed to working hard for a sharp focus so it was a stretch for me to try to produce blurry images.  These images are from my third try and I ended up really loving them.  And my kids loved jumping on the bed.

These next two are in focus but I loved them so I couldn’t leave them out.  I think this one will go in a frame near my bed.  I just love these two.

This one I titled “my view” because she’s usually right under me.

Be sure to continue on with the circle starting with Lerin Photography down in Katy, TX.  

L~ F~:
  • Kami

    I love these Callie! Get job on getting that blur, makes me want to give this theme another go. The focused ones are precious as well and definitely need a frame. (love the bed too!)

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  • Linda

    I couldn’t help but smile–what kid doesn’t love to jump on a bed! I loved the focused ones too. Great perspective!

  • These images brought an instant smile to my face! Beautiful work!

  • these made me grin as well!

  • Marsette

    These are so fun! Awesome!

  • Ginger

    I didn’t know you had a little girl! Third times a charm! I love these and that nice big room with great light! love your b&w conversion too.

  • these are so fun, love all of them!

  • pamelajoye

    three times was a definitive charm. these are lovely in their childishness – they emanate all the things that feel like childhood – wild abandon, laughter, silliness, sweetness, and the simplicity of jumping on a bed. oh to be young again.

  • Carrie

    So fun! Love how the blur puts more focus on the jumping.

  • myra

    oh my, my!!! I could tell they were having lots of fun jumping on the bed… the first two have fabulous movement. Love all of them in a series the blurry along with the perfectly focused ones.

  • Very cool! How fun are these images?!?! Love them all!

  • Lili Love

    these images are so happy! and you can see the connection of the kids, the little one so impressed by what her big brother is doing! so gorgeous and full of joy! so lovely.

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