sick day | 10 on 10 (or rather 10 on 15) | Austin Children’s Photographer

It’s been a rough two weeks for my family.  The stomach bug has hit us and it has hit us hard.  So on the 10th, I was less than ready to complete my 10 on 10 post.  I hope you’ll forgive the delay.  I shot for this post on the first day of our ordeal.  My girl was sent home from her school.  I didn’t really think she was that sick, so we spent most of the day playing.  She was in great spirits so it surprised me later in the day when I realized she had the stomach bug.  Poor girl.  Only my husband was spared the sick.

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L~ F~:
  • I love happy sick children! Lovely images!

  • I love the beautiful light in these and your gorgeous little one. I am so sorry you have all been ill, hopefully you are starting to feel better now.

  • Love that you chose to focus on baby girl for all ten images…so sorry to hear about the sickness but she sure did take some beautiful images :).

  • Hope you are all feeling better now. Wow for being sick you have some wonderful images!!

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