Erin’s family | Waco Family Photographer

Yep you read that right…Waco!  Our family is moving to Waco this summer.  Luckily Waco isn’t too far from Austin so I’ll still be photographing here in Austin in addition to Waco.

I met Erin when our oldest boys were about 2 in a mom’s group.  Even though we now live in different parts of Austin I’ve loved watching her boys grow on Facebook.  She’s also an amazing talented painter.  You can check out her work here:  She’s in the process of doing a portrait for my family and I can not wait to hang it on my walls.  Erin’s family is also just so much fun.  I know I’ve said it so many times but I love shooting in homes.  The kids are always relaxed and the images are always unique and special to the families.  I absolutely loved how Erin’s session turned out.  They were so relaxed and we just played…the best type of session!

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